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MIT R&D Cooperation Project

Edorado Marine designed a boat that will make high-speed electric boats more affordable and reliable. Partners for Innovation helped secure funding and was actively involved in the project management.

Dutch company Edorado Marine is aiming to become the Tesla  of boating, with a  design  that  will make high-speed electric boats more affordable and reliable.

The Edorado 7S will be powered by an all-electric system, combined with hydrofoils – blades that project into the water and help reduce drag by lifting the vessel as it speeds up – to make the boat  more efficient.  The  Edorado 7S will be powered by a rechargeable battery.


The Edorado 7S is the product of a two-year project by a multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers that was funded by MIT, a Dutch Innovation program for SMEs. Partners for Innovation helped secure this funding, advised on eco design and was actively involved  in the project management.

Edorado Marine  intends for the boat to be the first in a fleet of designs that aim to make electric boats faster, more reliable and more cost-effective.