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NPSP - Market Development for Nature Based Composites

NPSP - Market Development for Nature Based Composites

Client: NPSP Composites
Period: 2008 - 2009

NPSP Composites is a manufacturer of products made of plastic composites, also known as fibre reinforced plastics (FRP). Under the brand name Nabasco®, which stands for Nature Based Composites, NPSP produces also composites that are reinforced with natural fibres, such as: flax, jute, cotton or hemp. Several products are introduced on the market, such as: road signs (‘paddenstoelen’) for ANWB, sound boxes, a catamaran and facade cladding panels. For a real breakthrough there is a need for large-scale applications in different markets.

Objective of the project was to investigate and demonstrate the feasibility of innovative uses of natural fibre-reinforced composites. Three different markets were selected (automotive, building/construction and interior products) and feasibility studies were carried out in co-operation with (potential) end-users.

The project: “Nabasco, market development for nature based composites” was carried out with support of the program “Technology in the Market” by Senter Novem. The project was executed by NPSP and Partners for Innovation, in cooperation with: Nedtrain, Leolux, RAU Architects, Van de Bilt Seeds and Flax, ATO Compose, Spring Time and IVAM.
The role of Partners for Innovation in the project included the organisation of workshops for the selected product-market combinations, the evaluation of bottlenecks and developing market strategies. Furthermore Partners for Innovation supported the project management and reporting.

Main conclusion from the project is that there are good market opportunities for Nabasco in two of the three markets included in the project: building/construction and interior products. The automotive sector might have opportunities in the long term, but this is a difficult market for a relatively small supplier such as NPSP.

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