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Port of Amsterdam - Waste = Resource

Port of Amsterdam - Waste = Resource

Client: Port of Amsterdam
Period: 2011 - 2012

“One company’s waste can be used as raw material or energy for another company.”

Partners for Innovation was project manager of the “Waste=Resource” programme, initiated and funded by the Port of Amsterdam, the Municipality of Zaanstad and the Environmental and Construction Department of the City of Amsterdam. The aim of the program is to close the commodity chains.

From phosphates to biodiesel residues
The programme researches sophisticated use of waste streams and assists companies in realizing commercially viable applications. In 2011, the following waste streams have been examined for recycling opportunities: phosphate-rich residues, bleaching earth, tire fractions, textile fibres, activated carbon, wood residues, plastic waste, calcium chloride, sodium sulfate and biodiesel residues. This has led to several concrete investments and partnerships.

Environmental and economic opportunities
The goal of the programme is to give a major boost to efficiency and quality of recycling products and waste streams in the port of Amsterdam-Zaandam. By applying the waste = resource principle, major environmental and economic advantages can be obtained, including:

  • Improve and maintain soil, water, and air quality;
  • Reduce greenhouse gases;
  • Decrease dependency on international commodity markets;
  • Conserve scarce supplies of raw materials.

Partners for Innovation is responsible for managing the portfolio of proposals and projects and initiating new projects. Interested parties with sustainable ambitions are welcome to join this initiative.

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