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VMK and PlasticsEurope - Recycled Plastics in Packaging

Recycled Plastics in Packaging

Client: Netherlands Association of Plastic Packaging (VMK) and PlasticsEurope
Period: 2004 - 2006

The application of recycled plastics in packaging is often technically possible, but is far from common practice. Producers and users of packaging materials are playing a waiting game and they are afraid of a bad image for their products. This project is forcing a breakthrough by addressing the end-users. If the end-user requests a packaging made with recycled plastics than the rest of the chain will follow.

VMK was coordinator of the project, which was financially supported by SenterNovem. The project initiation and management was carried out by Partners for Innovation. The project started with five companies that want to research the possibility to use recycled plastic in their packaging:

  • IKEA Netherlands
  • PlasticsEurope (on behalf of 11 plastic producers)
  • Dutch flower auctions
  • Saint Gobain – Isover
  • Jardin Garden Furniture.


The five demonstration projects resulted in the potential recycling of 4.500 tons of plastics into new packaging applications. Spin-off projects can lead to multiple indirect results. The results of the project helped the realization of the Dutch Covenant Packaging (Convenant Verpakkingen) targets.

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