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NL Agency - Testing the Mozambican Biofuel Sustainability Framework

Client: Mozambican Government
Funding partner: NL Agency
Period: 2013

The Mozambican Biofuel Sustainability Framework (MBSF) provides Mozambique with a powerful and practical tool to assess and monitor biofuel projects. The Framework was developed between 2008 and 2012 and was tested on the ground in 2013.

Partners for Innovation was contracted by funding partner NL Agency to organise and implement the test pilot.

Dual objective
The objective of the test pilot was twofold:

  1. Determine the value and feasibility of the framework on the ground;
  2. Collect lessons learned and formulate practical recommendations to industry and government to determine next steps towards full implementation.

During the pilot phase three local biofuel companies first applied the Framework through self-assessment. Subsequently all three were visited by a governmental monitoring delegation to verify the assessment and make adjustments if needed.

Partners for Innovation supported both the private companies and the governmental monitoring team on how to work with the MBSF in practice.

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Photograhy: Nelson dos Santos Sacoor and Peter Vissers