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Chain Projects: Sustainable Packaging with Paper and Cardboard

Client: Association of Dutch Paper and Board Manufacturers (VNP)
Period: 2014-2015

The Association of Dutch Paper and Board Manufacturers (VNP) initiated several chain projects on sustainable packaging with paper and cardboard. The projects were set up within the framework of the Long-Term Agreements on Energy Efficiency (MJA). Partners for Innovation was asked to provide support for two projects: the development of Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) for a Unilever product and developing sustainable packaging solutions for the organic supermarket chain EkoPlaza.

Shelf Ready Packaging
SRP is a development initiated by supermarkets to safe costs on the supermarket floor. For a number of SRP solutions, designed together with Unilever and Smurfit Kappa, the environmental impact was calculated. Corrugated packaging appears to be an excellent material for SRP,  because it offers good presentation (printability), a low environmental impact, it can be placed quickly on the shelf and it is easy to recycle.

Shelf-life and food safety
For EkoPlaza the sustainability and appearance of the packaging is most important, and of course the shelf life and food safety must be guaranteed. Paper and cardboard have a very sustainable image and they are excellent printable. To increase the shelf life and to ensure food safety, there are a variety of coatings under development or already on the market. Several paper manufacturers are working on developments that can be applied for this purposes. These opportunities will be elaborated together with Dutch paper manufacturers in a follow-up project.

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