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SDG tool

At Partners for Innovation we want  to contribute to a more sustainable world. In order to realise this potential it is important to assess the impact of our projects.

The question is therefore, to what extent do the projects we work on contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society? Despite the fact that there are many initiatives in impact assessment of partial aspects, the question still is how much the contribution is on the whole.

The SDGs, the result of extensive negotiations within the UN, are aimed to work globally on  sustainable development. When the impact is expressed in terms of SDGs there are two main benefits:

  • First, it will give us a broad view of the impact of projects on all sustainability aspects.
  • Second, it can bridge the gap between efforts of private firms and companies to public ambitions.
The goal of this research is to develop a tool which one can use to express project impact in the terms of the SDGs. This will be done using a set of indicators which are based on the definitions of the SDGs, existing impact assessment initiatives and possibly newly developed indicators.
Finally, the tool will be used in the research for four existing projects to test its validity. We are open to all suggestions and ideas that will enhance this research and bring it to a higher level.


More information?


If you would like to know more about the applicability of the tool for your own project or have any suggestions, please contact Wouter or Elke.