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Van Maren Systems Eco-Innovation: ‘Recycled Pallet System´

Van Maren Systems pallet

Client: Van Maren Systems
Period: 2009 - 2014

Van Maren Systems, based in the Netherlands, is specialised in the design, development and production of plastic pallet components made out of recycled materials.

Consumer plastics become pallets
In the project a process is developed for the production of plastic pallet components using plastics recovered from mixed domestic waste as a resource material. Because the material is contaminated and consists of a mixture of different types of plastic, this is a particularly difficult waste stream for which so far no high-quality recycling possibilities exist. In collaboration with the Italian manufacturer Ecotech Marche, Van Maren demonstrates that pallet blocks can be produced using this material that meet all quality standards and have a lower environmental impact than conventional wooden pallet blocks.

Eco-Innovation Grant
Partners for Innovation has assisted Van Maren Systems in developing the project plan and preparing the application for the Eco-Innovation grant. During the project, Partners for Innovation provides project management support, conducts an assessment of the environmental impacts of the production process and a study into market circumstances.

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