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  • recycled PET bottle

    PET Recycling – supply chain co-operation project

    The Burg Group worked together with the NRK (Dutch Plastic Manufacturers Association) and suppliers on a vinegar bottle made from 100% recycled PET.

    NRK Berichten, December 2016

  • Joining forces for growth of market for recycled plastics

    The Guidelines Recycled Plastics and Caseguides take producers by the hand.

    The Guidelines are initiated and produced by Philips and Partners for Innovation, in co-operation with six frontrunners: Philips, Océ, Curver, Schoeller Allibert, AKG and Cumapol.

    December, 2015, NRK Netwerk 2015-4 (pdf in Dutch)

  • Market: Curse or Blessing (Part 2)

    September 2015 – Column Emiel Hanekamp in MilieuMagazine (pdf, Dutch)

  • BMW – Why we are powering our plants with Biomass?

    The BMW factory in Rosslyn, South Africa is powered for 30% by Biomass, from Cow Manure. Partners for Innovation supported Bio2Watt with this biomass plant.

    April 2015 – Der Spiegel, nr. 16
    Advertisement: Warum wir Fabriken met Biomasse betreiben? (German)


  • Market: Curse or Blessing

    March 2015 – Column Emiel Hanekamp in MilieuMagazine (pdf, Dutch)

  • Plastics reduce environmental impact automotive

    February 2015 – NRK Netwerk (pdf, Dutch)

  • Chain Agreement Plastic Recycling

    October 2014 – Column Emiel Hanekamp in MilieuMagazine

  • Verpakkingsmanagement Circular Economy

    Packaging for the Circular Economy

    October 2014 – Verpakkingsmanagement

  • BioBased Economy

    Results Biobased Economy Project

    The biobased economy (BBE) is developing rapidly globally. How can the Netherlands take advantage of the international opportunities arising from these developments?

    July 2014 – Biobased Economy

  • What’s it gonna be: CSR, C2C, CSV or CE?

    May 2014 – Column Emiel Hanekamp in MilieuMagazine

  • Duurzaam verpakken

    Sustainable Packaging, packaging for the circular economy

    Oktober 2013Duurzaam Ondernemen, Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken, Aardappelen, Groente en Fruit (AGF), MVO Nederland, Nederlands Verpakkingscentrum (NVC)

  • Milieumagazine goed nieuws uit Brussel

    Good news from Brussels (Dutch)

    October 2013 – Colum Emiel Hanekamp in Milieumagazine

  • Sustainability assessment rice husk project in Indonesia

    October 2013NL Agency

  • Agri-hub Niger A brief history of a farmer entrepreneurship network

    The Agri-Hub Niger is part of Agri-ProFocus. Agri-Hub Niger has over 20 member organisations and almost 171 individual members. The online platform functions as an open marketplace for the exchange of information and the brokering of business relations.

    2013Agri-Hub Niger

  • Plastic; a blessing or a curse?

    April 2013 – Column Emiel Hanekamp in Milieumagazine (Dutch)

  • Network Sustainable Packaging: ‘Many companies only care for their own business’

    April 2013 – Verpakkingsmanagement (Dutch)

  • Sustainable growth, here and there (Dutch)

    January 2013 – Column Emiel Hanekamp in Milieumagazine

  • EcoDesign: results brochure Energy efficiency programme

    October 2012 – Results industrial sectors – Ecodesign: millions of pounds less bread waste (Dutch)