• Renewable energy in Zimbabwe

    Renewable energy market study Zimbabwe 2017

    This market study explores the opportunities for Dutch companies interested in investing in renewable energy in Zimbabwe.

    Please be aware the study was carried out with the Dutch renewable energy sector in mind. As a result the study does not cover all renewable energy markets (fully).

    Read the Renewable Energy Market Study

  • Wind turbines

    Feasibility study and action plan for the manufacturing of small wind turbines in Benin

    September 2018

    Partners for Innovation carried out a feasibility study and drew up an action plan for the manufacturing of components for small-scale wind turbines in South-Benin.

    Read the English report
    Read the French report 

  • Feasibility Study of Ghana Institutional Biogas Programme

    Feasibility Study of Ghana Institutional Biogas Programme

    Partners for Innovation has carried out a feasibility study to set up an institutional biogas programme in Ghana. This feasibility study provides the Ghana Energy Commission with advice on the design, installation and management of appropriate biogas technology systems for use in public institutions (boarding schools, hospitals and prisons).
    Read the study

  • Expert Centre Circular Design

    February 2017

    This study answers the question whether there’s a need for an Expert Centre Circular Design, in the light of the transition to a circular economy in the Netherlands. The conclusions of this research are based on desk research, a questionnaire and interviews with 140 stakeholders.

    Download the  Summary


  • e-commerce: filler material

    A guide to sustainable packaging

    Guide Sustainable Packaging for e-commerce

    August 2016

    Partners for Innovation has written a guide to sustainable packaging. In this guide you find innovative ideas and best practices coming from the Dutch Association for Paper and Board Mills (VNP) and (an webretail network with more than 2,200 members). All are dedicated to find sustainable solutions for the current packaging industry.

    Download:  Guide to sustainable packaging

  • Green energy technologies in Uganda

    January 2016

    Fossil fuels are extensively used in the energy management of lodges in Uganda. This causes degradation of biodiversity, ecosystems and local cultural heritage. Opportunities and solutions are investigated by means of the triple bottom line.

    Author: Wouter Hoogland (intern Partners for Innovation)
    DownloadGreen energy technologies for a sustainable energy management of lodges in Uganda

  • Infographic Plastic Recycling in the Netherlands

    Infographic Plastic Recycling in the Netherlands

    October 2015

    This Infographic Plastic Recycling in the Netherlands shows the actual situation of Plastic Recycling in the Circular Economy.

  • Caseguide Designing with Recycled Plastics

    October 2015

    In the Caseguide Designing with Recycled Plastics, six leading companies from Dutch Industry share their experiences with the application of recycled plastcs. Every case is linked to a video (in English).

    Download: Caseguide Designing with Recycled Plastics

  • Guidelines Designing with Recycled Plastics

    October 2015

    In this Guidelines Designing with Recycled Plastics, the most important tips and tricks are shared, for the application of recycled plastic in (high-end) injection moulding products.

    Download: Guidelines Designing with Recycled Plastics


  • Impacts Cradle to Cradle Certification

    June 2014

    Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

    Contributing Author Partners for Innovation: Peter Vissers

    Download Technical Report

  • Mozambique Biofuel Sustainability Framework

    February 2014

    Client: Netherlands Enterprise Agency

    Authors: Peter Vissers and João Chidamoio

    Download the final report

  • Sustainable Packaging, Packaging for the Circular Economy

    Sustainable Packaging, October 2013

    Partners: NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre and NL Agency

    Authors: Siem Haffmans (Partners for Innovation), Ger Standhardt (NVC) and Astrid Hamer (NL Agency)

    Read Duurzaam Verpakken online (Dutch only)

    Download Duurzaam Verpakken (pdf, Dutch only)

  • Agroforestry Gardens Niger

    Agroforestry Garden Enterprises in Niger

    Are Agroforestry Garden Enterprises in Niger feasible?

    Case: Afrique Fondation Jeunes

    June 2013

    Client: Oxfam Novib

    Authors: Frank van Schoubroeck (Partner for Innovation) and Zakari Yaou Saidou Soumana (Afrique Fondation Jeunes)

    Download final report

  • Pilot Sustainability Indicators Ghana

    February 2013

    GBEP pilot Ghana: very valuable and successful; a follow-up is suggested.

    Client: NL Agency, Global Bio-Energy Partnership (GBEP)
    Authors: Emiel Hanekamp, Peter Vissers, Saskia de Lint

    Download final report

  • Packaging for a Quarter Loaf of Bread

    Packaging for a Quarter Loaf of Bread, June 2012

    Project partners: Oerlemans Plastics and Beko Packaging

    Authors: Ingeborg Gort-Duurkoop, Siem Haffmans

    Download report

  • Waste = Resource

    Final Report – Project: Waste = Resource, 24 Februari 2012

    Client: Port of Amsterdam, Municipality Zaanstad and Environmental and Building Department City of Amsterdam
    Author: Siem Haffmans, Saskia de Lint and Peter Karsch
    Download report (pdf, Dutch)

  • Energy Vision The Hague 2040

    Energy Vision The Hague 2040, 6 April 2011
    Client: Municipality of The Hague
    Author: Emiel Hanekamp

    Download rapport

  • Greenhouse Gas Calculations Jatropha Value Chain

    18 March 2011

    Client: Sun Biofuels Mozambique SA
    Authors: André Paz en Peter Vissers
    Download report

  • Plastic soup report

    Plastic pollution of the oceans

    Inventory study, 11 March 2011

    Client: Adessium Foundation
    Authors: Dr. Hans van Weenen en Ir. Siem Haffmans
    Download report

  • het verlichte MKB

    Sustainable Lighting Deventer

    Sustainable Lighting Deventer, 2010

    Client: Provincie Overijssel, Gemeente Deventer
    Author: Siem Haffmans
    Download report (Dutch)

  • Jatropha Alliance

    Jatropha Biofuels in Mozambique

    Sustainability Certification of Jatropha Biofuels in Mozambique, 12 May 2010
    Client: Jathropa Alliance
    Co-financier: Agentschap NL
    Authors: Eva Froger, Ander Paz en Peter Vissers
    Download report

  • SME report

    SME participation in Energy RTD projects

    Study on Role and Impact of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Energy Research Framework Programme Projects, 2 December 2009
    Client: Europese Commissie, DG Research
    Authors: Emiel Hanekamp, Carolien van Merksteijn and Eva Froger
    Download report

  • Oud-Zuid Tripolis

    Amsterdam CO2 Footprint and Reduction Strategy

    June – November 2009
    Client: Municipality of Amsterdam, City District Oud-Zuid
    Authors: Emiel Hanekamp and Carolien van Merksteijn (Partners for Innovation), William Vrijburg (GreenFocus)
    Download CO2 Footprint (Dutch)
    Download Action plan CO2-reduction  (Dutch)
    Download EPA-U Tailored Advice Tripolis Office (Dutch)

  • Final report: RTD4EDC project

    The potential for renewable energy in emerging and developing countriesNovember 2008.

    Client: European Commission, DG Research
    Authors: Emiel Hanekamp (Partners for Innovation), Wolfgang Lutz (Esenerg), Dwipen Boruah (IT Power India), Jason Schäffler (Nano Energy)
    Download report

  • BTC - CO2-footprint and strategy

    CO2 Strategy for BTC

    September 2008
    Client: Belgian Development Agency (BTC)
    Author: Julia Baily (Prospect C&S) and Emiel Hanekamp (Partners for Innovation)
    Download the final report


  • ANWB

    ANWB CO2 Footprint

    Inventory study of ANWB CO2 Footprint, July 2008
    Client: ANWB
    Author: Emiel Hanekamp
    Download summary

  • Solar Germany

    Renewable energy and energy efficiency in the German construction industry

    Market Research Germany – February 2008
    Client: EVD
    Download report (Dutch)

  • Renewable energy in emerging and developing countries.

    Final report RECIPES project, March 2007
    Client: Europese Commissie Sixth RTD Framework Programma

    Project consortium: Peter Karsch Peter Vissers, Emile Hanekamp and Paul Cognaud
    Download report

  • Energy Infosystems

    Energy RTD Information Systems in the ERA

    Client: Europese Commissie, DG Research

    Advisory board: Cees van Halen (Partners for Innovation), Wolfgang Lutz (AES), Dorota Chwieduk (IFTR PAS)

    Download report