Recycling wall paint saves environment

VVVF, Sita and Ursa Paint have collected paint residues and successfully recycled it into new paint. A life cycle analysis conducted by Partners for Innovation and IVAM Environmental Research shows that recycling paint yields an environmental gain of 72 percent and reuse of paint residues may limit CO2 emissions in the Netherlands with 11,000 tons.

The VVVF (Dutch trade association of companies in the paint and printing ink industry) and Sita have initiated the closure of this production cycle. Ursa Paint in IJmuiden is the first manufacturer to have actually developed new wall paint this way. They launched the paint under the name Eva, a Dutch acronym for End of Waste (Einde Van Afval).

It involves paint from water based paint residues, also called latex, mainly used by private households. In the Netherlands about 10 million pounds of leftover paint ends up in the trash. Each year, 3.5 million pounds of paint could be recycled. These residues are purified and filtered and can be used as ingredient for the production of new paint.

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has recently granted product status to this recycled paint as raw material. This means that each paint manufacturer in the Netherlands can use the recycled raw material for the production of new (wall) paints.

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