PfI Academy Lean and Smart Industry

Lean and Smart Industry

Last tuesday, June 30, we had a PfI Academy on Lean and Smart Industry. A subject that gave enough food for thought after the presentations and was something to keep on talking about during our shared dinner as well.

Rudy Gort gave a short introduction to his new book ‘Lean vertaald naar projecten’ (Lean translated for projects).  He explained how to use Lean – it is not just applicable for production environments- and alos explained what it is not. To become lean it is important to be a learning organisation that operates from a clear purpose and adds value for the customer.  The knowledge and experiences of your own employees are crucial to achieve this.

Cor Goelema, lead engineer sustainability at Vanderlande,  told us how his company deals with new themes such as Smart Industry.   Are the labels connected with Smart Industry, like internet of things, modular systems, robotisation and big data really new? And how to translate these to the existing distributionprocesses, like man to goods, within a large company.  

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