32 million for SME Innovation Top Sectors

The Dutch MIT scheme was published March 12. There is a total of €32 million available for SMEs with a need for innovation in nine top sectors.

First-come, first-serve as of 15 April

As of 15 April there are several tools available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  1. MIT Knowledge Voucher: purchase knowledge for the innovation of products, processes or services (40% up to €3,750)
  2. Feasibility study: desk research of available technology and potential partners, market and competitive analysis (40 % up to €50,000)
  3. Innovation Performance Contracts: 10 to 20 SME entrepreneurs work on corporate and private innovation over a period of up to two years under the supervision of a coordinator (30% up to €25,000)
  4. Hiring highly qualified personnel for research, development and innovation (50% up to €50,000).

Tender between 3 June till 22 September

Between 3 June to 22 September, R&D cooperation support can be requested on a tender basis. Projects include industrial research or experimental development carried out by a partnership of at least two Dutch SMEs (30% up to €200,000).

Project development support

Partners for Innovation provides advice and support for the development of business and operational plans and can execute (parts of) the project management and the environmental impact assessments (LCAs).

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