Sustainable Biofuel for Mozambique

NL Agency selected Partners for Innovation to pilot the biofuel sustainability framework in Mozambique.

The biofuel sector offers great development potential for Mozambique. The National Biofuel Policy and Strategy adopted in 2009 has created a local market for biofuels. Between 2008 and 2011 the government received more than 30 large-scale biofuel investment proposals, eight of which have been officially approved (April 2012). At present, however, many projects are still in their early stages of development, with small areas planted and biofuel production in its infancy.

Biofuel Sustainability Framework

The National Policy includes principles to ensure that biofuel development does not lead to land conflicts or threaten food production. To operationalize these principles, a sustainability framework was developed with support of the Netherlands Sustainable Biomass Programs. To implement the framework, NL Agency requested Partners for Innovation to submit a proposal for the piloting of the framework.

The main objective of the pilot is to gain practical experience with the sustainability framework amongst biofuel companies and relevant government institutes. Based on this, practical recommendations will be made to industry and to the Inter-Ministerial Biofuel Commission of the Mozambican government. At least two local companies will participate in the pilot. The pilot will last five months and will start in January 2013.

Partners for Innovation was selected because of their extensive experience with biomass sustainability frameworks, among others in Mozambique, South-Africa and Ghana and our knowledge of and established contacts within the biofuel sector in Mozambique.

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