Sustainable growth, here and there

In 2013, the Netherlands plans to invest 200 million euros in international climate finance for developing countries. A “waste of money”, many people might think, but is that true?

“An important role in the use of the 200 million is reserved for Dutch companies and knowledge,” writes Emiel Hanekamp in his latest column in Environmental Magazine. The Netherlands wants to promote sustainable economic growth in developing countries and help them to become self-sustainable. Developing the private sector together with Dutch companies and knowledge institutions plays an important role.

According Hanekamp this approach works well. He sees the results -among other places- in Ghana, a country with which the Netherlands has maintained¬†intensive trading relations since the 17th century. In part thanks to foreign policy, Dutch companies are very successful here. Dutch trade policy also ensures that sustainability is gaining more and more attention in Ghana. “The combination of trade and development contributes to sustainable economic growth in the Netherlands and in Ghana.”

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