Sustainable Plastic Product

The successful innovation project ‘Sustainable Plastic Product’, an initiative of the Dutch Federation of Rubber and Plastics (NRK), will be organized again in 2013. Three to five NRK companies will have the opportunity to participate in the second edition of the project together with a client.

Plastics and rubbers can make a positive contribution to reducing the environmental impact over the entire lifecycle of a product. The opportunity map of the NRK shows that many companies can improve the environmental impact of products and energy in the chain. Sustainable products are the future!

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Project aim:

  1. Improve the design of plastic products for energy savings in the supply chain to achieve and create added value for the producer and the customer.
  2. Communicate the results and lessons learned from the project on behalf of other businesses and industries.

Examples from the previous round (September 2011 – June 2012):

  • Oerlemans Plastics developed a new packaging for a quarter bread, together with its customer Beko Packaging. The new packaging will reduce wasting old bread by consumers. More info:
  • Timmerije worked with its customer Vanderlande Industries on a more sustainable version of two plastic parts of the Crossorter. They examined in particular alternative flame retardants and deploying reused material.


  • The NRK businesses and their customers know how they can analyze the environmental impact of their products using the Ecolizer LCA Tool.
  • Every company has developed a new product with a lower environmental impact and energy in the chain.
  • A (confidential) report for each project is prepared, including the environmental analysis.
  • The results of the project are published (in consultation with the participants) and distributed actively amongst the NRK members.

The guidance consists of three phases, including three group meetings and company-specific guidance for the design process in between. Three to five NRK companies will be selected to participate in the project in cooperation with a customer.

The project will start in January 2013 and has a duration of approximately 6 months.

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