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Boost for agribusiness – FinAgri Niger 2017

On 16 and 17 May 2017 Partners for Innovation Niger organized in Niamey the FinAgri. Financial institutions and key actors of the agricultural sector in Niger took part in a finance fair related to the agri sector.

Participants of the fair were agri-businesses, farmer organizations, banks, micro finance institutions, government organizations, NGOs and donor organizations.

Partners for Innovation organized the FinAgri through AgriProFocus as Partners for Innovation is responsible for running the  AgriProFocus network in Niger.

Find detailed information (in French) in the  Journal AgriProFocus spécial 2017


FinAgri Finance Fair


On 16-17 May 2017 we’ll be organizing in Niamey the FinAgri – a finance fair – financial institutions and key actors of the agricultural sector in Niger will interact about financing of the agri sector.

Many key actors have already confirmed their participation: agri-businesses, farmer organizations, banks, microfinance institutions, government organizations, NGOs and donors.

We organize the FinAgri through AgriProFocus as we are responsible for running the AgriProFocus network in Niger. If you have an interest in attending, making yourself known, or in interacting with the Nigerien finance and agri sectors, please let us know. We’d be glad to inform you on the possibilities to attend, speak, have visibility.


Successful 4th edition of the Week of Agricultural Entrepreneurship

AgriProFocus Niger organized the 4th edition of the Week of Agricultural Entrepreneurship (SEMEA) in Niamey, Niger in November 2016. Over 8,000 participants from different regions of the country and abroad came together for meaningful exchanges, innovation and building business partnerships.


The African economy is largely dependent on the rural sector (agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry) with an estimated contribution to GDP at 43.2% in 2010. The rural sector occupies 85% of the active population and provides 37% of export earnings (INS, 2014).

However, crises affect agricultural production systems. Vegetable crops, many of which are self-consumed, are characterized by low yields.

The SEMEA is aimed at agricultural development, economic and social development and poverty reduction in Niger. Participants came from farmers’ organizations, government members, NGOs, banks, microfinance institutions, research institutions, youth organizations, retailers and the private sector.

AgriProFocus first organized the Week of Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Niger in 2012. The 2016 edition was organized in collaboration with the YAWWA project of SNV to promote farms, but also entrepreneurs and agribusiness operators. The SEMEA aimed to put youth at the heart of agricultural entrepreneurship.

AgriProFocus is an international multi-stakeholder network in the agri-food sector consisting of farmer entrepreneurs, private sector enterprises, governments, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations. By bringing these stakeholders together, their individual and collective impact increases. AgriProFocus is active in 13 countries in Africa and South-East Asia, and links 22,000 agribusiness professionals worldwide.

In Niger, Partners for Innovation hosts the AgriProFocus network and provides its coordination staff.


Rakia Gazibou  gazibo5@hotmail.com

Website Agriprofocus en Agriprofocus Niger

Website SNV

Agri-Hub Niger connects rural entrepreneurs

In three years time, Agri-Hub Niger has developed into a vibrant network for information sharing, cooperation, learning and debate amongst rural entrepreneurs. The Agri-Hub connects 20 agricultural organizations and 171 individual members in Niger, the Agroforestry capital of the world. The Nigerien Agri-Hub was set up by the Dutch Agri-ProFocus network and Oxfam-Novib.

Back in 2010, Frank van Schoubroeck -Agroforestry expert at Partners for Innovation- supported the Agri-Hub to define key themes (“hot issues”) that would help different organisations to cooperate. This summer he returned to interview key individuals of the Agri-Hub. He shared his observations – together with local coordinator Ibrahim Oumarou – in the article ‘Brief history of a farmer entrepreneurship network‘.

From animosity to synergy

According to the interviewees, it wasn’t the technical but rather human obstacles that were most difficult to overcome. A pastoralist organisation said: “Before the project, cooperation between consortium partners was everything but the norm. Every organisation thought he was unique; there was little trust and they were all competing for the same funds. Three years later I found a group of enthusiastic people who managed to overcome fatigue, jealousy and ignorance.”

Agroforestry is now a theme
Partners for Innovation supports the Niger Agri-Hub to develop Agroforestry-based business models. Eventually Partners for Innovation wants to develop an investment model in Agroforestry, so that – with policy support – women, men and young entrepreneurial farmers can establish Agroforestry gardens through long-term credit.

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