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Plastic reduces environmental impact automotive

The use of drable plastic applications, lightweight components and integration of various functions may reduce the environmental impact the automotive industry has. Following the energy effiency agreements (MJA3), Dutch government and industry aim to achieve an improvement of energy effiency of 2% per year up until 2020.

Partners for Innovation, in collaboration with NRK, organizes and guides the project ‘Sustainable Plastic Product in the Automotive’ to work towards these goals. In this project, ten Dutch companies including Helvoet, NPSP, VDL Parree, Polytec Plastics (Voestalpine), Apollo Vredestein, Berco and SABIC IP collaborate to develop environmentally friendly products for three end customers: DAF Trucks, Inalfa Roof Systems and Leev Mobility.

Ingeborg Gort from Partners for Innovation explains: “The participants are divided in three groups, one for each customer, in such a way that each group has both a material producer and a plastics processor. This way each group represents the entire chain. Working together created cross-pollination and new dynamics.”

NRK Innovation Coach Martin van Dord is convinced that chain cooperation is necessary to be competitive and profitable. He sees the MJA3 project as the most vital chain project to achieve this so far.

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Sustainable Plastic Products for Automotive

Through smart applications of plastic and rubber, the automotive sector can reduce its environmental impact during its lifecycle significantly. Lighter parts and function integration will reduce environmental impacts and increase energy efficiency in the value chain.

Sustainable Plastic Products
“Sustainable applications of Plastic and Rubber for the Automotive Industry” is an initiative of the Federation of Dutch Plastic and Rubber Industry (NRK), the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and Partners for Innovation. Participating companies are: DAF Trucks, Inalfa Roof Systems, Sabic, Voestalpine, Apollo Vredestein, Helvoet, Berco, VDL Parree, NPSP en LEEV Mobility.

In this project the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and their suppliers explore the opportunities for reduced environmental impact and energy efficiency of their product in the supply chain. They also learn that the greatest gain is how to improve product design to provide added value for themselves and for their customers.

Partners for Innovation facilitated a series of workshops in which companies in the automotive industry defined concrete chain projects together with their clients. Over the past two years, the “Sustainable Plastic Product” project has been very successful and received high satisfaction scores from participants of various industrial sectors.

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