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Meet JACK: the foldable e-scooter

Amsterdam is booming  when it comes to tourism. The number of people visiting the Dutch capital has increased over the years and reached a record level this year. This asks for smart solutions. Residents, tourists and commuters need to be able to move from A to B safely and sensibly.


One of the smart solutions is presented by LEEV Mobility, a company based in Amsterdam. They develop and market innovative light electrical vehicles for personal use. They wany us to meet JACK, a compact e-scooter / step.

Friendly for us and the environment

JACK is best used for short distances in the city: its light weight makes it easy to fold and carry along. A welcome alternative to the fumes of the diesel and gas engines. The first model of this e-scooter is now brought on the market.

CO₂ impact

Partners for Innovation assists LEEV in conducting the feasibility study on the rental model of JACK. We assess the CO₂ impact and advise on how to bring it down. We also support in meeting the reporting requirements, finding suitable partners and we provide input for the business plan.


Peter Karsch p.karsch@partnersforinnovation.com