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Conference on female entrepreneurship in Niger

Managing Director of Partners for Innnovation Niger, Rakiatou Gazibo, will give a speech on september the 17th at a conference of the Council of Nigerans in France (Conseil des Nigériens de France) in Paris. The conference revolves around  female intrepreneurs who want to start a new business.

On the side lines

Many talented women are apprehensive to start their own business or  merely operate on the side lines. At the conference, women are invited to share their experiences and they can get constructive comments on their ideas and current activities. The Council envisions a dynamic female community and further cooperation with parties concerned.

Entrepreneurs in Niger

Rakiatou Gazibo is an expert in agriculture, livestock and food science entrepreneurship. She promotes rural entrepreneurship -including agroforestry- in smallholder livelihoods, establishing links between both entrepreneurs, government services and financiers. Her activities have a particular concern for women and youth.

Improve the financial position

The event wants to be the springboard for women who have entrepreneurial ambitions. To support them financially, the Council will provide funding in order to enhance women’s financial position.


Read more about the conference on female entrepreneurship in Niger (French) http://www.conif-niger.fr/femmes-prennent-parole/

Contact  Rakia Gazibo (Partners for Innovation)

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CoNif en JNF (Journee de la Femme des Nigerienne)

Oxfam Novib project Agroforestry Gardens in Niger


Opportunities for youth entrepreneurship in Niger

On August 12th, International Youth Day 2016, Partners for Innovation and AgriProFocus organized  an  event where young entrepreneurs met with  financial institutions. Three ministers, three NGOs, two financial institutions, five agricultural organizations, four youth institutions and sixty  entrepreneurs were among the hundred people who attended the meeting. The Nigerian government supports  AgriProFocus’ mission to encourage youth entrepreneurship.

Week of Rural Entrepreneurship, Niger

Rural entrepreneurship has the potential to drive innovations that can reduce poverty, increase access to food and create employment. The Agri-ProFocus Network with help of Partners for Innovation SARL Niger is organising a week-long event to promote rural entrepreneurship in Niger.
This event will bring together actors from West-Africa who will discuss the recent proceedings of Entrepreneurial Agroforestry through various projects. There will be special sessions about Financing Rural Entrepreneurship as well as about Entrepreneurial Agroforestry in Niger.

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Would you like to know more? Contact Rakiatou Gazibo or Frank van Schoubroeck

Fiche Sponsorship-SEMEA Niger

New colleague : Adamou Salissou

We have strenghtened our team in West-Africa with a new advisor: Adamou Salissou, specialist Agroforestry.

Adamou Salissou previously worked as head division of Reforestation, Land and Landscape Management for the Ministry of Environment in Niger.  Before he worked at different International Organisations with a focus on Climate Change, Agroforestry and Economic Development.

Adamou has an engineering degree in Forestry Technology and specialised with masters in both Project Management and Climate Change and Sustainable Develoment (University of Niamey).

More information:

Partners for Innovation Niger


Partners for Innovation Niger SARL is a subsidiary of Partners for Innovation BV in the Netherlands, managed by Rakiatou Gazibo and located in Niamey, the capital of Niger.


Partners for Innovation Niger SARL

Avenue de Zarmakoye
BP 802 Niamey, Niger
T: +227 2035 1058
E: r.gazibo@partnersforinnovation.com





Zeinabou Hamani

Advisor Rural entrepreneurship – PfI Niger

Zeinabou Hamani is a sociologic expert with large experience in network building on rural entrepreneurship. Zeinabou is a consultant at Partners for Innovation and Assistant Coordinator at Agriprofocus Niger. She worked in the fields of agricultural entrepreneurship, rural development, waste management and basic education.

Agricultural entrepreneurship | Rural development | Waste Management | Education  | Sociology

Zeinabou Hamani has 10 years of experience in research for rural development, in monitoring, impact assessment and evaluation of projects, in conducting field surveys, in applying participatory approaches and in network and platform management. Before PfI and Agriprofocus, she worked for Oxfam and Plan Niger.

BSc degree Sociology and certificate-2 degree Sociology (Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey).






Rakiatou Gazibo New Managing Director PfI Niger

Rakiatou Gazibo has been appointed director of the first Partners for Innovation office in Africa: PfI Niger. Rakiatou is an agriculture, livestock and food science entrepreneurship expert. She has been collaborating with Partners for Innovation on several projects for a number of years.

Rakiatou will focus on developing the Partners for Innovation agroforestry programme in West-Africa. Her focus will be on creating economic opportunities to promote rural entrepreneurship and on strengthening producer organisation capacities.

Rakiatou: “I am very excited about this opportunity. I am very entrepreneurial and I like challenges. I’ve been working with Frank and Peter for a long time. We always work closely together with the community. When they are involved, the results are much more sustainable.”

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Partners for Innovation Opens 1st African Office in Niger

Partners for Innovation has opened its first overseas office in Niger (PfI Niger) to further expand its activities in West Africa. In Niger, Partners for Innovation will work on projects to build capacities in the fields of rural entrepreneurship, agroforestry, sustainable biomass, bio-energy and other renewable energy technologies. Rakiatou Gazibo is heading the Niger office.

In Niger, Partners for Innovation has studied options to scale up agroforestry with Oxfam and developed an economic model for agroforestry gardens to foster rural entrepreneurship. It has also actively supported the development of the Agri-ProFocus that supports a vibrant network of rural entrepreneurs and food security in Niger. To further grow the African business and continue to work closely together with local governments and international organisations, Partners for Innovation aims to develop several local hubs. Niger is number one. The Niger hub will have a regional function and will offer its services throughout the Ecowas area.

Managing Director Rakiatou Gazibo
According to Rakiatou Gazibo, the new managing director of PfI Niger, Partners for Innovation takes a unique approach. “We don’t just plant trees, but also want to improve agricultural production and best practices. We work closely together with the local community to increase their business opportunities and we strengthen organization capacities. This combination of a private enterprise working on public issues does not yet exist in Niger.”

Sinds 2004
Partners for Innovation has been active in the development of renewable energy and agroforestry in emerging and developing markets since 2004, mainly in Africa and to a lesser extent in South-East Asia. It has undertaken studies and missions in Bhutan, China, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Mozambique, Senegal, South-Africa, Sri-Lanka, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Partners for Innovation employs eight sustainable innovation experts and works closely together with local experts in both Africa and Asia.

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Rakiatou Gazibo

Managing Director PfI Niger

Rakiatou Gazibo is an agriculture, livestock and food science entrepreneurship expert. She promotes rural entrepreneurship -including agroforestry- in smallholder livelihoods settings,  establishing links between both entrepreneurs, government services and financiers and with a particular concern for women and youth.

“Rakiatou has been instrumental in the development of the Agri-ProFocus network in Niger. She organised numerous events, including the 1st Week of Entrepreneurship with around 400 participants, bringing together all major rural entrepreneurs and producer organisations in Niger.”

Agroforestry and Rural Business Development Service | Sustainable Livelihoods | Food Security | Economic Development | Value Chain Development | Market Analysis | Inclusiveness and Gender and Youth Mobilization | Network Facilitation | Business Events Organization

Rakiatou has extensive experience in social and agriculture-related project development in Niger and neighboring areas. She served as national coordinator for the ‘Peace, Youth and Development’ project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). She also worked as program officer sustainable livelihoods for Oxfam, as country coordinator for Agri-ProFocus and as an advisor on institutional and organisation development for SNV.

Université de Picardie Jules Verne (France)

m  +227 96261205
e   gazibo5@hotmail.com

LinkedIn Rakiatou Garibo







Oxfam Novib – Agroforestry Gardens Niger

Partners for Innovation developed an economic simulation model and tools to calculate the costs and benefits of Agroforestry Gardens in Niger.

Producers in semi-arid regions developed many different Agroforestry systems. Some are fit for large-scale roll-out, such as natural regeneration of trees on agriculture or pasture land. Others are labour and input intensive, for example, (drip) irrigated Agroforestry Gardens, as it is practiced by progressive farmers in semi-arid regions.

Costs and benefits
For its business development programme, Oxfam-Novib wanted to know if such systems could be scaled-up by providing credit to entrepreneurial farmers. Oxfam-Novib’s partner Afrique Fondation des Jeunes (AFJ) in Niger is operating such gardens. Partners for Innovation joined the AFJ team of young professionals to calculate the economic balance of a garden in Doutchi, 300 km east of Niamey. AFJ personnel brought in detailed knowledge of costs and benefits in the garden. Frank van Schoubrouck, from Partners for Innovation, developed a model and a spreadsheet tool to enter and vary with these data.

The calculations revealed that:

  • Investments in Agroforestry gardens are high: an equivalent of €20,000 per hectare
  • Returns are also high: €15,000 per hectare per year, after two years
  • Such systems provide employment for entrepreneurs, technicians and labourers, in total five people per hectare – somewhat varying over the season.

The economic simulation model and calculation tools developed by Partners for Innovation enable the calculation of similar balances in different systems and in different situations.

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