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New interns: Dennis and Sophie

We are happy to introduce our new interns: Sophie van den Berg and Dennis de Wit.

Sustainable solutions in Uganda
Sophie van den Berg is a student Science, Business and Innovation (SBI) at the VU Amsterdam. She’s doing research on sustainable solutions for lodges in Uganda (tourism sector). This research is a follow-up on a previously done research on energy management performed by Wouter Hoogland. 

Sophie will also focus on water and waste management and check the feasibility of certain technologies based on technical, economical and social/practical aspects. The sustainable technologies are within the following key areas: sustainable cooking, water purification, sustainable water transport, waste management, farmer technologies, staff training en green certification.

“The research matches my study perfectly. They both focus on working at the crossroads of natural sciences and business. Concepts as ‘innovation’ and ‘sustainability’ are key and in line with my interests. Therefore, I started the research with a lot of enthousiasm and I am looking forward to my results!” 

Electric mobility in Amsterdam
Dennis de Wit is also a student Science, Business and Innovation at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The research focuses on the opportunities for electric mobility in the city of Amsterdam. The City of Amsterdam has in many areas been active in preserving its environment, yet we have formulated a study that may offer new insights to the city and the business community. 

“I ended up with Partners for Innovation, because it is a innovative company, which focuses on sustainable solutions for businesses. Sustainability and innovation are within the education SBI the key terms which are being imprinted by day one. I will tackle this challenge these four months with a lot of drive and energy!”