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Green energy technologies in Uganda

The growing trend of the tourist sector in Uganda increases the use of natural sources. The absence of a (reliable) connection to grid electricity forces lodges in Uganda to regulate their own energy supply. This has resulted in an extensive use of natural sources in the energy management of these lodges. It causes degradation of biodiversity, ecosystems and local cultural heritage which also negatively impacts the sector itself.

Sustainable solutions
Wouter Hoogland, intern at Partners for Innovation, therefore investigated the sustainable opportunities and solutions by means of the triple bottom line. An analysis of the energy system of four pilot lodges in Uganda is presented in the research study: Green energy technologies for a sustainable energy management of lodges in Uganda.

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Ecotourism in Northern Uganda

This October, Thomas Dietz visited Northern Uganda for a project on sustainable ecotourism. In this project Partners for Innovation investigates and develops green solutions for lodges and hotels together with  SNV. The project focuses on lodges and hotels located in and around the wildlife reserves. The goal of the project is to stimulate sustainable and inclusive growth for tourism in Uganda.


The conducted research has set the baseline for the energy-, waste-, and water streams at the lodges and hotels. Consequently, the baseline will be used to investigate green innovative solutions to enhance the sustainability of the abovementioned streams.

Cooking fuels in Uganda

After finalizing the research on ecotourism in Northern-Uganda, Thomas visited several companies that are active in producing sustainable cooking fuels from biomass (briquettes, pellets, ethanol). These contacts and information will be used for our project for the World Bank focused on the stimulation of alternative cooking fuels.


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