Tool Assesses Environmental Impact of Bio-based Plastic Products

Yanti Slaats, researcher at the University of Amsterdam, has designed a quick scan tool in collaboration with Partners for Innovation, to assess the environmental impact of bio-based plastic products throughout their life cycle. The tool may soon be used by companies in the plastics industry to compare biobased plastic varieties with products based on conventional plastics.

For the development of the tool Dutch companies in the plastics industry like Omefa , Difrax and Batelaan Plastics were visited and interviewed to identify their needs and to collect cases. In a workshop with students, these cases were studied and the first draft of the quick scan tool was evaluated.

The tool was optimized based on the case studies and feedback, and presented at the seminar ‘Can it be Biobased?’ at the University of Amsterdam.

More info: contact Emiel Hanekamp