Trainee Walter Schagen Researches Biobased Plastics

Trainee Walt Schagen supports Partners for Innovation with a research project on the environmental impact, cost and added value of biobased plastics.

Schagen uses the biobased plastics assessment tool developed earlier this year as the basis for his research. He will expand the tool with the ability to calculate the saved costs and to make the added value of bio-based plastics more tangible.

His research consists of four parts:

  • Making an environmental impact analysis based on the Life Cycle Analysis methodology for bio-based plastics through desk research, interviews and field testing
  • Establishing a cost model that incorporates the environmental impact
  • Establishing a value-added model through desk research and brainstorming sessions
  • Incorporating the model into one tool allowing for cross-comparisons.

The study was commissioned by the University of Amsterdam as part of the ‘Design Challenges with Bio-based Plastics’ project. The results will be presented early July.

Walt will graduate this year in the Bachelor Science, Business and Innovation programme at the Free University in Amsterdam. He also studied business administration for 1.5 years.