Upscaling Agroforestry in Nigeria with Oxfam

Partners for Innovation will be supporting Oxfam Novib Nigeria to scale up Agroforestry activities in northern Nigeria.

As a follow-up of earlier EU projects carried out in the ’90, 5.5 million new trees will be planted in seven local government areas with a population of one million people. The new trees are not intended to form a forest, but have economic value. The population will benefit from revenue in the form of wood, fruit, animal feed or other products of local value directly.

Oxfam Novib will link up with local partners to carry out the project. Partners for Innovation contributes its know-how in the field of Agroforestry systems and upscaling. Frank Schoubroeck from Partners for Innovation designed the project methodology in close consultation with partners and beneficiaries. He will continue to support the project team and its partners throughout the project.
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