Workshop: manufacturing small wind turbines in Benin

On Thursday July 19, the second validation workshop on the manufacturing of small wind turbines in Benin will take place. The final feasibility study and concrete action plan are presented and participants will discuss the results in working groups.

Benins energy sector

The Government of Benin is looking for ways to provide its population with the energy needed for socio-economic development. Small wind turbines, as a renewable energy technology, have the potential to play a key role in this. Partners for Innovation conducted a feasibility study and proposed an action plan for the development of this sector in Benin.

Workshop program

The workshop starts with presentations and discussions about the status of Benin’s energy sector and joint implementation of the country’s energy policy. Then, the workshop zooms in on small wind turbines to discuss the results of the feasibility study and action plan. In working groups, the participants will make recommendations on social, economic and political issues pertaining to the role of small wind turbines in the electrification of Benin.

The first workshop took place on 30 November and 1 December 2017, with more than 40 stakeholders taking part. They discussed the role that small wind turbines can play in the energy supply of Benin. Based on their feedback, the current strategy and action plan has been set up. Read more about this workshop here.

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