Agroforestry Haalbaarheidsstudies

Partners for Innovation voert haalbaarheidsstudies uit om inzicht te krijgen in de milieu-effecten, beleids- en marktkansen voor Agroforestry Ondernemerschap.

When smallholders manage to produce marketable products, they often rejuvenate tree stands. Partners for Innovation performs feasibility studies to map the agro-ecological, policy and market opportunities for entrepreneurial Agroforestry. Studies also indicates likely sources of public and private funding, such as innovative rural finance, youth employment, climate, agro-biodiversity, or social investment.

Agroforestry Models for Women, Men and Youth Entrepreneurs

Women, men, youth, all have different opportunities to plant and benefit from tree-crop systems. PfI defines Agroforestry Entrepreneurial models with a different mix of subsistence, environmental and business objectives. Subsistence-oriented models include Community Forestry, Live Fencing and Natural Regeneration, while Wood Lots, Agroforestry-Horticulture Gardens, and Orchards are more market-oriented.


Assembling FarmTree® CHATT-profiles for long-term Planning

Partners for Innovation assumes that for every model, the venture must be financially viable in the long term. Partners for Innovation builds FarmTree® Tool capacity to assess if investments such as labour, seedlings, fencing, pumps, wells, etc. can be repaid with cash generation through crop, fruit, fuel, and timber production. In this end we build a “Regional Data Pool” that with Plot Planning software allows to quickly evaluate Agroforestry Entrepreneurial options.