H2020: Goed nieuws uit Brussel

Have you heard of ‘Horizon 2020’, the new EU Framework Programme? Between 2014 and 2020 Brussel will provide approximately 80 billion euro for new research and innovation projects.

This offers great opportunities for Dutch companies that lead the way in the biobased and circular economy, recycling, reuse, efficient use of raw materials and smart transportation. These topics get a lot of attention in Horizon 2020.

Unlike previous years, Horizon 2020 provides a lot more room for practical and commercial projects. In addition, participation and financial procedures have been simplified. The costs of research and development will be covered 100%, activities that are close to market introduction for 70%.

Horizon 2020 still needs to be formally approved by the European Parliament. Read more about specific environmental opportunities in Emiel Hanekamp’s latest column in Environmental Magazine.

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